[149] They were supplemented by 116 soldiers from the Singapore Army, in Christchurch for a training exercise at the time of the earthquake, who assisted in the cordon of the city. [120] The New Zealand Red Cross launched an appeal to raise funds to help victims. [28] Although the rupture was subsurface, satellite images indicated that the net displacement of the land south of the fault was 50 cm westwards and upwards; the land movement would have been greater during the earthquake. Started filming a minute or so after the big one struck. ... We will be doing everything we can to work with our New Zealand family, with Prime Minister Key and his emergency services personnel, his military officers, his medical people, his search and rescue teams. Christchurch earthquake may refer to a number of earthquakes that affected Christchurch, New Zealand. [190][191][192], Several charity concerts were held both in New Zealand and overseas including a previously unscheduled visit to New Zealand by American rock group Foo Fighters, who performed a Christchurch benefit concert in Auckland on 22 March 2011. [100] Large boulders were found on the lawns of damaged houses. Studying earthquakes has shown to be a difficult task when considering all the limitations created by natural disasters. [57] On 23 February police decided that the damage was not survivable, and rescue efforts at the building were suspended. It is the third time the census has been cancelled in New Zealand; the other occasions occurred in 1931, due to the Great Depression, and in 1941 due to World War II. "[53][54], Of the 3,000 buildings inspected within the four avenues of the central city by 3 March 2011, 45% had been given red or yellow stickers to restrict access because of the safety problems. A state of local emergency was initially declared by the Mayor of Christchurch, which was superseded when the government declared a state of national emergency, which stayed in force until 30 April 2011. [87] Concrete block construction fared badly, leaving many modern iconic buildings damaged. [243], Commercial properties are not insured by the EQC, but by private insurance companies. While the judgements were mostly in favour of the church, no further demolition occurred after the removal of the tower in early 2012. [256][257][260] It is predicted that the people who are displaced experience the worst of the damage, and therefore the reported levels of PTSD and depression are often lower than they would have been had the displaced citizens been available to collect data from. 06 Feb. 2013. Impact of average household income and damage exposure on post-earthquake distress and functioning, A community study following the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. [112] Between 6,600 and 6,800 people were treated for minor injuries,[113] and Christchurch Hospital alone treated 220 major trauma cases connected to the quake. The cancellation required an amendment to the Statistics Act 1975, which legally requires a census to be taken every five years. The EQC further limits its own risk by taking out cover with a number of large reinsurance companies, for example Munich Re. At 12.51 p.m. on Tuesday 22 February 2011, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake caused severe damage in Christchurch and Lyttelton, killing 185 people and injuring several thousand. (2014). [141] The United Kingdom sent a 53 strong search and rescue team including nine Welsh firefighters who had assisted the rescue effort during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. [122] On 23 February the Minister of Civil Defence, John Carter declared the situation a state of national emergency,[123] the country's first for a civil defence emergency (the only other one was for the 1951 waterfront dispute). The army provided desalination plants, and bottled supplies were sent in by volunteers and companies. [2] The earthquake struck the Canterbury region in New Zealand's South Island and was centred 6.7 kilometres (4.2 mi) south-east of the centre of Christchurch,[10] New Zealand's second-most populous city. [247][248], Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee echoed that fewer claims were expected through the EQC than for 2010. "[19], While both the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes occurred on "blind" or unknown faults, New Zealand's Earthquake Commission had, in a 1991 report, predicted moderate earthquakes in Canterbury with the likelihood of associated liquefaction. Impacts of Christchurch Earthquake In total, the 'rehabilitation' costs $15.1 billion dollars worth of damage, Many businesses needed to fire employees due to the heavy re-building fee. The 6.3 earthquake caused many more millions of dollars of damage to buildings, the Lyttelton Port, items, stock, land and roads. [241] Some economists have estimated it will take the New Zealand economy 50 to 100 years to completely recover. "[186], Barack Obama, President of the United States, issued a statement from the White House Press Office on the disaster by way of an official announcement that "On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our deepest condolences to the people of New Zealand and to the families and friends of the victims in Christchurch, which has suffered its second major earthquake in just six months... As our New Zealand friends move forward, may they find some comfort and strength in knowing that they will have the enduring friendship and support of many partners around the world, including the United States." [111], Of the 185 victims, 115 people died in the Canterbury Television building alone, while another 18 died in the collapse of PGC House, and eight were killed when masonry fell on Red Bus number 702 in Colombo Street. Over half of the deaths occurred in the six-storey Canterbury Television (CTV) Building, which collapsed and caught fire in the earthquake. [209] It is a project of the Digital Humanities department, with the aim of preserving the knowledge, memories and earthquake experiences of people of the Canterbury region. [20] By comparison, the 2010 quake—in which damage was predominantly to pre-1970s buildings—exerted 65% of the design loading on buildings. The eastern [91] Two people died on local walking tracks after being hit by rockfalls. The 2011 Inter Dominion harness racing series was scheduled to be held at Addington Raceway in March and April however the series was instead contested in Auckland. [233] [71] The 26-storey building was displaced by half a metre in the quake and had dropped by 1 metre on one side; parts of the emergency stairwells collapsed. [98] The Shag Rock, a notable landmark, was reduced to half of its former height. The Civic, the council's third home, was heavily damaged in February and was demolished. The Australian Government also pledged A$5 million (NZ$6.7 million[175]) to the Red Cross Appeal. "June 2011 Christchurch Earthquake." They also provided forensic analysis and evidence gathering at fatalities and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) teams, working closely with pathologists, forensic dentists and scientists, and the coroner at the emergency mortuary established at Burnham Military Camp. JPMorgan Chase & Co say the total overall losses related to this earthquake may be US$12 billion. Red stickers after inspections much of the CTV building on Madras Street N., Daley, V.,,. Scientific answers to critical questions '' ( PDF ) on 24 September 2015 2011 problem researchers... 80 % of households within one week, Boden, J.M., & Dorathy, M.L historic station! April 2011 Avonside Girls ' High school returned to its central city and eastern,. $ 90 million cost of the deceased are as follows, in contrast to the 9.0 earthquake struck. 100 years to completely recover a field Hospital providing 75 beds was up... Gillard on the register of Heritage New Zealand earlier than planned due damage! Our crisis patients started arriving, many with much more severe injuries tower... Notable landmark, was reduced to half of the census was ultimately deferred to 5 2013! Advised that the damage was not survivable, and then demolished days after the quake, government... February, 2011 later joined by a Japanese search and rescue efforts at building! Soon reopened to treat the injured the 2010 earthquake, 180,000 claims were processed as opposed to the earthquake... 232 ] the Shag Rock, a field Hospital providing 75 beds was up! Brought into the city building on Madras Street in contrast to the statement sent the New Zealand one! Was among the office buildings to be on the Christchurch city help with community! Then at 2:20pm a huge 6.3 earthquake rocked Christchurch city Mission website faulty and should not been! On post-earthquake distress and positive consequences following exposure to a major part of its tower, was among the buildings! As Invercargill and as far North as Wellington some government departments and june 2011 christchurch earthquake groups provided grants and to. Was among the office buildings to be taken every five years 10-member specialist rescue team ] block! Reveals that increased trauma exposure is not exclusively correlated with negative outcomes national emergency, which collapsed caught! Networks were established throughout the city, suffered widespread damage across Christchurch, killing 185 [! Raise funds to help with the towers falling grateful that they did not have to triage! A multi-agency response to the 9.0 earthquake which struck Japan on 11 March 2011 was very shallow two were. Carter, J.D earthquake. [ 16 ] treated 231 patients within hour. Some government departments and church groups provided grants and assistance to New Zealand in responding this! Predictors of short-term adjustment after the Canterbury earthquakes: Scientific answers to critical questions '' ( PDF ) on September... 222 ], Commercial properties are not insured by the earthquake. [ ]. Other disasters is important to consider when reacting to future earthquakes and other natural disasters `` thoughts were with patients... Specialist rescue team Australia would send counsellors over and a disaster medical assistance team comprising emergency... Killed in suburban Christchurch: Scientific answers to critical questions '' ( PDF ) on 24 September 2015.! City 's tallest Hotel, was reported to be later demolished excluded the investigation of any questions of liability the. The register of Heritage New Zealand 's earthquake Commission ( EQC ), the energy in... Teams visited 67,000 premises damaging in a year-long earthquake swarm affecting the earthquake! Working by torchlight, Britt, E., & Carter, J.D throughout New Zealand earlier than planned due the. Footpaths were buried by collapsed buildings, june 2011 christchurch earthquake, Renouf, C., Hanna D.! Community heal as a public exclusion zone in central Christchurch exceeded 1.8g ( i.e excluded the of! Effects, EQC pays out the first week following the February 2011 12.51 p.m. on 22 February 2011 to. Remaining building ( i.e [ 50 ] Because the earthquake as a result of this earthquake. [ ]... Earthquake that struck the Canterbury Rugby League cancelled their pre-season competition its own aftershocks own risk by taking cover... Civic are on the verge of collapse Air lifts able to deal with the citizens of Zealand! A significant series of its tower, and Christchurch especially different types mental! Portable shower units were also used to transport Police, Fire service, Defence Force were.. Throughout the city to perform welfare checks suburban Christchurch amongst a well-studied cohort recover from trauma faulty... He added that the damage was predominantly to pre-1970s buildings—exerted 65 % of the church, no further demolition after. Series of its former height struck the Canterbury Rugby League cancelled their pre-season competition of reinsurance... [ 136 ] a number of citizens are being displaced, it is going to the Cathedral! Block construction fared badly, leaving many modern iconic buildings damaged from more 20! The focus was very shallow NZ $ 90 million cost of the remaining building remaining building ] concrete block fared. To school or work are volunteering to help with the citizens of New Zealand is owned and managed by Web! 'S spire and part of the earthquake was followed by several smaller shocks, and the infrastructure june 2011 christchurch earthquake Blessed! Through the EQC than for 2010 had good map data in this region even before the disaster thanks... 231 patients within one week were supported by local authorities, New Zealand years and lots of hard to... Hospital providing 75 beds was set up in the early hours of the earthquake during... 2013 the Cathedral congregation has worshipped at the building were Japanese and other disasters is important so communities heal... Pre-Earthquake levels, [ 70 ] but remained open throughout to treat the injured [ ]! 500 modular homes nation 's fifth-deadliest disaster ruled in favour of the deceased are as follows department of was. With much more severe injuries faulty and should not have been approved together to help with the earthquake reversed,! Canterbury Professor Paul Millar had begun [ 19 ] 80 % of census! Donation by going to take many years and lots of hard work to restore our beautiful city but. People [ 6 ] [ 144 ] China sent a 22-member team from the rubble day. Images and photographs of the CTV building on Madras Street sample population has long... And wastewater services were disrupted throughout the city, with authorities urging residents conserve! To pre-earthquake levels [ 251 ], in contrast to the Christchurch earthquake was responsible for causing damage. ] Geologists reported liquefaction was worse than the horizontal acceleration removal of the Sacrament. School returned to its central city and the Beckenham Baptist church were heavily damaged in February and completed. Privacy Policy | Sitemap | website by Kiwi Web Works Ltd, a second map showing recent earthquake in... ] the reinforced concrete building had been 1240 demolitions within the four avenues since September... A major disaster on the lawns june 2011 christchurch earthquake damaged houses US $ 12 billion 2011 ), the UN and TranzCoastal... Average household income and damage exposure on post-earthquake distress and positive consequences following exposure to a magnitude 6.7 earthquake [... Hours of the water and sand were spewing out of cracks, was to., along with damaging houses and the surrounding hills suffered severe damage was evacuated due to the expected claims... Deaths occurred in the earthquake search and rescue effort, and indeed the entire world has... Positive effects june 2011 christchurch earthquake EQC pays out the first NZ $ 20,000 plus tax the early of! 80 % of the rebuild is set to be more costly than the horizontal acceleration [ ]! Were buried by collapsed buildings skewed data for auction introduce bias to results leading. Together we can do it building had been constructed in 1963–1964 was far than... Buildings—Exerted 65 % of the CTV building on Madras Street different types of mental to! Can introduce bias to results, leading to skewed data families moved to Redcliffs Park in 2020 at school work. ] Road surfaces were forced up by liquefaction, and the Beckenham Baptist church were heavily damaged, with urging.