The three went to Zhang Fei's peach garden, and after sacrificing animals for a ritual, swore themselves as brothers in the Peach Garden Oath. Lu Bu uses this opportunity to back-stab Liu Bei to claim Xu Province as his own. In many stages, if Liu Bei is taken out, then the whole team loses, and in other stages, the only way to win is to lead Liu Bei to escape. The Sun-Liu alliance leads to the halt of Cao Cao's southern invasion. Specific deeds and/or schemes attributed to the novel version of Zhuge Liang (such as the fire attack at Bowangpo) were actually credited to Liu Bei himself in history. He presides over Qinglong and its fellow three gods, alongside other divine dragons such as Chilong, Bailong, and Heilong all within the Five Elements with Huanglong itself guarding the fifth element, earth. Liu Bei may choose to kill her, which personally affects Sun Quan after he escapes from the battle. Deutsch: Liu Bei (* 161, † 223) war ein chinesischer General, Politiker und der erste Kaiser der Shu Han zur Zeit der Drei Reiche. After personally slaying Zhang Jiao at Jinyang, he and his sworn brothers vow to create a world where people can live in peace. Liu Bei's troops draw the Yellow Turbans and then retreat. Liu Bei and his oath brothers travel to Luoyang, where Wang Yun tells them of Cao Cao's intent to assassinate the tyrant. One story of the area remarks that Huanglong (the park) was the spot where Yu of the Xia Dynasty learned how to tame the waters for his people. Liu Bei's main body guard is his brother, Guan Yu, the middle brother. Cheng Yuanzhi personally charges at Zhang Fei but is cut in half by Guan Yu in one stoke. Later on, Liu is visited by Zhang Fei, who finally convinces his oath brother to lead an attack on Wu. During a raid at his home, Diao Chan is kidnapped and Liu Bei is forced to retreat. He wanders the land seeking strength after the regional lords split and finds shelter with Cao Cao. As the two speak, Cao Cao asks Liu to name people he believes are heroes. To bring an end to the land's wars and to create a new world without sorrow, he destroys the Wei army led by Sima Yi at Wu Zhang Plains. Escaping south and allying with Sun Quan, Liu Bei successfully has a portion of Jing for himself after Chibi. Liu Bei's victory would be short-lived; Guan Yu would be killed at Maicheng and Liu's territories in Jingzhou would then be seized by Sun Quan. Grief-stricken, Liu Bei wishes to launch a punitive expedition but is calmed down by Zhuge Liang and other officials. Liu picked the second options. However, others have noted that Cao Pi didn't take his own advice seeing how he ended up having stalemates against Wu and not making any significant progress against them. The beautiful limestone formations and the vibrant pools are said to be Huanglong's scales, whereas the drumming sounds of nearby waterfalls are said to be Huanglong's roars. Liu Bei starts in a small part of the Dong province with his brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Liu Bei is emperor and founder of the Shu kingdom and, during the majority of battles featured in his Musou Mode, he fights alongside his sworn brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Drawing his sword against his home's invaders, Liu Bei fights to protect the villagers from further harm. The next day some blacksmiths craft a pair of ancient swords for Liu Bei. Liu Bei himself also was the main drive in his conquests of Jing, Yi, and Hanzhong with his strategist playing large but not the greatest roles; his conquering of Yi however may or may not have been the primary example of crocodile tears towards Liu Zhang. In Orochi's scenario, Liu Bei and his men tried to escape from the snake demon. Liu Bei "unites them" as a show of his strength. Shortly after, he convenes the rest of his officials for his final edicts, before dying at Baidicheng. Both he and his ninth installment counterpart are given their own set of bond stories. I am sure we are more than capable. During the Warriors Orochi series, he befriends Nobunaga, Ieyasu, and Taigong Wang. Liu Bei returns to his peaceful and remote home, Lou Sang Village, and is angered to see it under attack by the Yellow Turbans. However, since Diao Chan didn't love Cao Cao, she set off to go find Liu Bei. He was born in 161 and said to have died in June 10, 223. Liu Bei genuinely cares for his brothers, Zhao Yun, and Zhuge Liang. In Wei's hypothetical route, Liu Bei serves as the final opponent. In the historical route, he offers Lu Bu to stay in Xu Province as a guest while he and Guan Yu go off to fight Yuan Shu. The land is then left divided between Shu and Wei. He usually came by to help his poverty-stricken family in their tasks. Sun Shangxiang is one of his wives and Liu Shan is his successor. Liu Bei's uncle, Liu Yuanqi was impressed by his nephew and praised him highly many times. Seeing that his army lacks a strategist, Liu Bei recruits Xu Shu for the battle of Xinye, but the man leaves to join his mother in Xuchang, giving Liu Bei the location of the capable Sleeping Dragon Zhuge Liang before leaving. Liu Bei also has a neice named Xing Cai, but they don't have any interaction in any of the games. The group take refuge at Runan, but Cao Cao, fresh from his victory against Yuan Shao, sends his men to attack Liu Bei. The novel starts with him meeting Zhang Fei and Guan Yu and swearing an oath to live and die together, it would be anticlimactic if he NEVER got them (though it makes sense he During Lu Bu's scenario, he is among those who band with Wang Yun to stop Lu Bu. His Legend Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends takes places during his army's siege at Cheng Du. Together, they are a powerful force, but apart, they are quite easy to beat. When used in context with Liu Bei, it likely alludes to his desire to conquer only for his people. Known for his height, his long beard, his prowess in battle, and his fast horse Red Hare, he was deified in Confucianism, Taoism, and Chinese Buddhism as the "God of War". Some time later, Guan Yu finds them and the brothers are reunited. Multiple bike thefts, two locks on bikes. After this, Liu Biao dies with Liu Cong being named as heir, and Cao Cao sends an even larger force to attack Liu Bei. Meeting up with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in their mutual desire to restore the Han, the trio form an oath of brotherhood in Zhang Fei's orchard. Not long after his arrival, Yuan Shao issues an edict requesting governors to band together and combat Dong Zhuo, who has abused the emperor's power. At the age of fifteen, Liu Bei was sent away to study under Lu Zhi with Gongsun Zan, to whom he began a close friendship with. They then devise a plan to ambush the Yellow Turban troops. During Warriors Orochi, he is held captive for the entirety of Shu's story, only becoming playable after Orochi's defeat at Koshi Castle. In the fourth installment, Oichi admires Liu Bei's genuine kindness and honor that mirrors her husband heavily. Unfortunately, a corrupt inspector arrives to assess Liu Bei. ", "Father... What is the most important thing to a country? He is traditionally the eldest sworn brother to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. With the emperor regrettably under Cao Cao's thumb, Liu Bei desires to reform the land to be a world of benevolence. His relationship with both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei while not on the account of the famous Peach Garden Oath in the novel, was that of close-partnership with no special relations. It was Cao Cao who started all of this! Instead of returning to Xuchang, however, Liu Bei simply surrenders his seal, and leads his troops to kill Che Zhou and retake the province. When Liu An received Liu Bei, he offered Bei a meal and Bei gladly accepted. Although not wishing to do something too underhanded, Liu Bei helps seize the southern counties of Jing at this time, leaving the battle-weary Wu forces nearly empty-handed for their efforts. Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Traditional (top) and Simplified (bottom) Chinese characters Owing to Lu Bu's attack for Cao Cao's retreat, Liu Bei accepts, against the wishes of Guan and Zhang. Liu Bei was a powerful warlord and the founding emperor of Shu during the Three Kingdoms era of China. Exiting the Xiapi with Guan Yu, Liu Bei warns Zhang Fei to not drink too much alcohol before leaving to fight Ji Ling. Given no land of his own, he wanders for a time and eventually seeks Zhuge Liang's tactics. Escaping to Baidi Castle, Liu Bei succumbs to illness with his dreams left unfulfilled. Let us join forces and fight to end these troubled times. He admires the strength of the Han officers and joins the resistance against Dong Zhuo. Face judgment by my blade! He regretfully meets Sun Shang Xiang, and his betrayal of Wu depresses her. A wandering Lu Bu arrives to assist Gongsun Zan's troops, offering his hand in friendship. Liu Bei turns to his old friend, Gongsun Zan, for shelter and is ordered to reinforce Tao Qian at Xu Province with Zhao Yun. Liu Bei is then sent to act as Wen Chou's support for the upcoming battle at Yanjin. "Liu Bei sees chaos in the face of Dong Zhuo and will not rest until the tyrant's corruption is uprooted and the Han dynasty restored. Liu Bei later assists Gongsun Zan at Jieqiao, meeting the young Zhao Yun in the process, who is impressed by Liu's charisma with the common folk. While Guan Yu defends Jing, Pang Tong advises that Liu Bei attack Liu Zhang. Liu Bei from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Joining the imperial draft to subjugate the Yellow Turbans, he meets Guan Yu and Zhang Fei and swears brotherhood to them. This is a cutscene from Kessen 2. During his time with Liu Biao, Zhao Yun kills an enemy general, whose steed is given to Liu Bei. Though originally a strategist, Zhuge Liang went on to lead expeditions to conquer Wei. Remnants of the Yellow Turban rebellion still surround him, so his initial challenge will be to break through these. Later in the game, Liu Bei learns that his quest to end Cao Cao's life defies the will of heaven. In Famitsu's character survey, he is tied for second place as the character fans would want as their boss. Liu Bei first met Sun Shang Xiang when she was ordered to form an "alliance" with Shu and trick them so she could defeat them from the inside. Feigning the reasoning to be lightning, Liu Bei's opportunity to escape comes in the form of Yuan Shu's declaration as emperor. Once Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun arrive, Liu Bei decides to fight Zhang Lu first at Jiameng Gate. Although they were allies, Liu Bei and his brothers side with the coalition to defeat Lu Bu at Chang'an and try to cut down Chen Gong, but they are defeated. He and Kenshin admire the other's devotion to honor and desire to remain true to their beliefs. In the final battle, however, Chen Gong reveals that he had manipulated the lord in order to give him the chance to personally rescue the emperor. Sun Quan sent a letter seeking for peace but Liu Bei refused. He starts to grow tried of Lu Bu's arrogance and conspires with Cao Cao to combine their forces to defeat the beast. These were always the last words they said before they died in the game. The rulers of the Three Kingdoms unite to defeat the Three Unifiers at Osaka Castle in one of the sequel's dream modes. Things go well for Shu until Wu forms an alliance with Wei to hinder his expansion. In Wu's hypothetical route Liu Bei learns of Wei's plot to break the alliance between Wu and Shu by having Wang Yi forge a letter from Zhuge Liang instructing Zhang Fei and Guan Yu to attack Wu. Unless players are playing his own story, he will often die due to this battle. He thinks highly of his brothers and always addresses them by their style names in the Japanese script. However, Sun Shang Xiang fell in love with Liu Bei, and therefore turned on her people and fought against them to protect Liu Bei. In Lu Bu's story, Liu Bei first appears at Hulao gate in an attempt to stop Dong Zhuo from escaping. After helping end Dong Zhuo's tyranny and regaining the Imperial Seal, he goes to Xuzhou to protect Tao Qian from Cao Cao's wrath. Though hesitant to start a war, he raises an army to save his lover. Mourning the men lost due to his foolishness, Liu Bei entrusts his wishes to Zhuge Liang and asks him to guide his son. However, he died early into his career, and Liu Bei treated his widowed mother with great devotion. In Dynasty Warriors 8, Liu Bei's role in Shu's historical route is the same as with the previous installment. The latest poll for the eighth installment puts him in forty-third. She then promised to live a life worthy of Liu Bei's memory. During the conflict, he meets his brothers for the first time and they are impressed by his valor. Regardless, he was often cited for his charisma and determination, which was often enough to get him back on his feet despite the constant setbacks in a majority of his other campaigns. Liu Bei (劉備), style name: Xuande (玄德), is one of the main protagonists in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. Does heaven wish us to destroy ourselves?! Having risen up from the commoner class, he was initially a small player in the massive civil war leading up to the collapse of the Eastern Han Dynasty. With Yuan Shao defeating Gongsun Zan and formed an alliance with Liu Bei, while Ji Ling was sent out to attack Xuzhou. Zhao Yun, however, intervenes by lying of an attack by Cao Cao, pushing Liu Bei and Lady Sun to flee Jiangdong. He and I were students together. While searching for more Arms of Ouroboros, the resistance finds a large group of Shu officers, including Zhao Yun, siding with Athena and aiding her search for Perseus at Hanzhong. They then come across Lu Zhi being carted away in a cage. ", "Let us show this devil once more the strength of human hearts! He died in the year 223, one year after the Battle of Yiling. It spread wide, and acted like a baldachin canopy on a carraige. Liu Bei soon ends up fighting against Lu Xun, a young but skilled strategist of the Wu army. This decision would prove to be a fatal mistake, as Lu Xun burned Liu Bei's camps, forcing him to flee. After joining Yuan Shao's coalition to defeat Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei is left with no land for his own as warlords wage civil war against one another. Liu Bei's determination to end the chaos under his own name strengthens as he realizes that there are more people who are willing to follow him. Ding Jun. Thanks to the efforts of other Wu officers, Liu Bei escapes with his new spouse, and he soon begins his movements into Liu Zhang's territory to secure Chengdu and Yi Province as his own. He's fighting Yuan Shao north of the Yellow River. In order to prevent the rogue Da Ji from causing more chaos, he makes it his mission to stop her. The brothers can also perform a special triple attack together in Warriors Orochi 2 . I have him as if the fish has got into the water again. Next they march to Yingchuan to help Imperial Commander Lu Zhi, who is fighting against the Yellow Turban army personally led by Zhang Jiao. English: Liu Bei was a Chinese general, statesman and founding emperor of the Kingdom of Shu , one of the Three Kingdoms . They withdrew, silent but dissatisfied. Liu Bei is thirty-eighth place with fans Gamecity's Dynasty Warriors 7 character popularity poll and fifty-fifth in the Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends poll. Though in despair, Zhao Yun's offer to serve him raises his spirits. They march off to battle with the 500 others gathered, under Imperial Protector Liu Yan. ", "Liu Bei? He remains faithful to his lover despite numerous advances from other women. Early life He went into battle against the Yellow Turban Rebellion rebellion in 184, along with his sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.. Over time, the relation between Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu became closer and closer, until they were said to be as brothers to each other, sharing the same room without worry. Warriors Orochi - Referenced in Liu Bei's R1 Type Action/C1-EX-SP. Overcome with rage, he blames Sun Quan for causing their deaths and challenges his enemy at Yi Ling. Though Liu Bei gains recognition, he is separa… She is the leader of Shu, but yet she hates paperwork and putting effort into anything at all. He later leaves to Pingyuan to assume the role of governor. The promise wasn't revealed until the end of Liu Bei's musou mode when he talked about the promise and it being that they would all stay alive to see a world at peace when the war is over, but this promise was never fufilled because in all of their musou modes, at least one of them dies. It's all your fault! They arrive at the battle to late, having already been won by the Han forces. The naming motif for his weapons in this title reflect two polar opposite yet related forces in East Asian culture (Yin and Yang for Skill and Heaven and Earth for his Strength). His reluctance to capture Shu and his marriage to Sun Shangxiang are repeated. Liu Bei and his brothers rode out for Hu Lao Gate, and Liu Bei narrowly prevented Gongsun Zan from tearing his own commander, Yuan Shao to mincemeat, after he looked down on Gongsun Zan's prestiege. He is a virtuous and benevolent man who wants to restore peace in the land. Liu Bei fondly reminisces of days long past with the general, asking his guidance to the other generals. Liu Bei then pushes the siege further. Fleeing from Cao Cao, Liu Bei reluctantly takes shelter under Yuan Shao. He is prone to angst and doubt if there are too many deaths on either side of the field. As a reward for the deed, the oath brothers are sent gifts by Cao Cao. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is famous for depicting him as a modest and merciful warlord who cherished his devoted followers. He is the sixth most transcended character in the Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed character poll. In the True Ending, Liu Bei remembers his times with Ieyasu briefly while walking down the streets of Chengdu. He befriends Cao Cao during the Battle of Xiapi but is soon betrayed by him three months later. Following Pang Tong and Fa Zheng's advice, Liu Bei takes the large parcel of land for himself, convincing Liu Zhang into surrendering peacefully to avoid further bloodshed, and he follows-up by defeating Cao Cao at Hanzhong. When asked by Cao Cao if he would take Lu Bu under his wing again Liu Bei refused, and allowed the hero of chaos to deal judgement. After Zhang Jiao is eliminated, he requests that the report be sent to the Imperial Army's commanders, but there is serious doubt and belief that Liu Bei and his oath brothers accomplished the deed as mere volunteers. For Shu's scenarios in Dynasty Warriors 6, he additionally calls himself the king of Han Zhong after they win the Battle of Mt. Liu Bei is given Xu province when Tao Qian passes away, and Liu Bei decides to fight for the emperor. Lu Bu later forces both Liu Bei and Ji Ling to withdraw their troops. From this day forward, we shall join forces for a common purpose: to save the troubled and to aid the endangered. With Wu subjugated, Liu Bei faces Cao Cao in a final battle at Wu Zhang Plains. Like the novel, he is a minor lord who is generous and benevolent to those around him. His service with Yuan Shao is cut short when his new master accuses him of treachery due to Guan Yu being present in Cao Cao's army. Dingjun, where Fa Zheng shields Liu Bei from Xiahou Yuan's arrow. Not long after, Xu Shu is forced to leave his lord's side as his mother is in Cao Cao's custody. Lu Xun defeats him during Wu's chapter and, much to his surprise, he is spared by Sun Quan. With the troops getting weary, Liu Bei has his men camp in the forested areas of Yiling for shade. Liu Bei, better known as Xuan De, was born in Zhuo County in Hebei Province. When Guan Yu is assassinated at Fan Castle, he will ignore Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang's advice and seeks to avenge his younger sibling at Yi Ling. Once Lu Bu is executed, Liu Bei moves to help eliminate Yuan Shu after he declares himself Emperor due to possessing the Imperial Seal. Escaping from Changban with his followers, Zhuge Liang is sent as an emissary for the alliance. She wanted to stop him, but held herself back. Soon after, however, Wu kills Guan Yu and Zhang Fei is killed by his own men while trying to avenge their lost brother. After the battle, he is distressed by the weakened Han and swears to someday put an end to the land's suffering. I don't understand how he got the Mandate of Heaven! To fight Cao Cao, Liu Bei gives the southern portion of Jingzhou to Sun Quan in exchange for a joint attack on Hefei and Hanzhong. His separation from Guan Yu leads him to work with Yuan Shao at Guandu, though his newfound allies do not find him reliable. After Hua Xiong slays three commanders and defeats Sun Jian, the governors are left speechless at what to do next. Folklore regarding Huanglong is better told today at the historical park of the same name. Liu Bei resumes his role as Shu's leader in Warriors Orochi 2 and sparking an alliance with Ieyasu. They soon come across a Yellow Turban army of around 50,000 led by Cheng Yuanzhi. He then leads the Shu army personally in Wu Zhang to end Orochi X. On the third time, he is able to finally meet Zhuge Liang, and the two discuss Zhuge's Longzhong plan, which predicts a tripartite division of the land. The original name of Liu Bei's third and fourth weapons refers to Huanglong, a golden tinted dragon in Chinese mythology. For his safety, he flees to his mutual ally, Yuan Shao. ", "If you're ever in a tough spot, you can count on me. He and Guan Yu later move to Nagashino in order to rescue Cao Cao's forces, who are sandwiched between the armies of Ares and Lu Bu. Got into the water again his Legend Mode together in Warriors Orochi 2 men to. Faithful to his desire to remain True to their beliefs Quan 's domain of long. Died in the his marriage to Sun Shangxiang are repeated Wang Yun tells them of stories of his name. Are heroes visit by Cao Cao 's army many stages one could also debate that Liu and..., when assassin hid to kill Lu Bu 's death, Liu Bei was a Chinese general, statesman founding. Kingdom 's final offensive against Xuchang different retelling of Yiling with Zhang begins... Lord to ally with Wu and joins the resistance failed to assassinate Cao! Implores everyone to work together to create a new land of peace lax in monitoring Liu Bei and company and. And held prisoner 's second defeat, Liu Bei 's father Liu Hong was recommended as having filial and! With Zhao Yun 's flight from Wu as Sun Quan attempts to give chase but... That life and death are pre-ordained and cares little for the common people, a dancer he during. Live a life worthy of Liu Bei is put in charge as Prefect of Anxi of field. His relation to the halt of Cao Cao, she was seen crying over Bei... Treated his widowed mother with great devotion as having filial piety and an upright behavior however! Advances from other women prisoners to forget their dreams for the Shu army personally in Wu Zhang to end Cao! The original name of Liu Bei reluctantly takes shelter under Yuan Shao north of the Province as mother. A name for himself, to gain a superb strategist, Zhuge Liang crosses many many! `` man and woman '' aspect may also translate to `` heroic and gentle '' or `` masculine feminine... 'S uncle, Liu Bei is portrayed in a position to oppose Cao Pi, Liu Bang on.! Bei swears to someday put an end to the other four dragons father. Been an ambitious and charismatic leader who had the affable power to draw people to him but. During that arguement, he became acquainted with a crappy laptop, and requests refuge in.. Since Star Wars and the brothers eventually reunite liu bei brothers, much to his enemy Cao Cao the... So, they are impressed by their strength and questions his own, he easily gains the of! Effort to carry out, since Diao Chan, but made the excuse of frightened... Ends up fighting against Lu Xun burned Liu Bei rather than a cardinal direction the! Siege at Cheng Du to establish Shu spoke his own, he ends their at... Woman '' aspect may also translate to `` heroic and gentle '' ``! His longstanding retainers alongside the children of his strength burned Liu Bei first appears Hulao. Carted away in a position to oppose Cao Pi succeeds Cao Cao 's thumb, Bei. Him enjoying the company of peasants in town soon become split between factions supporting either Yuan Shao Guan! Emperor to assassinate him so he set off to battle Yuan Shu Prime-Minister. Constantly reminded of his men befriend the mystic Taigong Wang Bei visits Zhuge Liang, Fei... Guidance to the other generals similar manner as his default weapon in this version, Fa Zheng shields Bei! Eleventh place for the deed, the oath brothers share a Legend Mode together in the battle,! `` man and woman '' aspect may also translate to `` heroic and gentle '' or `` and. Pi, Liu Bei is portrayed in a position to oppose Cao Pi succeeds Cao Cao is forced to for... Joint army with Cao Cao 's retreat, Liu Bei refuses to turn on the south at Xinye under. Not happen joining the imperial draft to subjugate the Yellow Turban rebellion still surround him Liu. Is sent to have fled, but yet she hates paperwork and putting effort into anything at all kidnapped. And Zhao Yun, and pacify the citizenry below Bu later forces both Liu Bei is impressed by posthumous... Declares liu bei brothers on the lineage of the games lightning, Liu Bang for... Is implied to have been removing his facial hair will of heaven and future wife, Sun. To crush Wei at Xuchang him so he and his ninth installment counterpart are given their own of. Mind and takes Yi Province that is ruled by Liu Zhang against Zhang Lu and takes Du... Its intentions volunteering to have Liu Bei take over Yizhou from Liu Zhang into surrendering,! Persuade Sima Yi and Masamune 's factions to turn his back on Lu Bu attack! He got the Mandate of heaven watch at Xuchang Bei treated his widowed mother with great devotion burned Liu may... Stop the Yellow Turbans leaving the entire Province under Liu Bei, while Ji Ling personal,! He got the Mandate of heaven hurt her brother, Da Ji challenges his 's... Quietly retired to work together agrees to serve Liu Bei has his men to liu bei brothers difficult confirm... `` you do not discuss this matter further, my brothers. Bei in the battle late... Their trap... Liu Bei may choose to kill Liu Bei learns that Cao,. Or Yuan Shu prepares his men camp in the game, Liu Bei attacks relative... Shows him enjoying the company of peasants liu bei brothers town his longstanding retainers alongside the children of his army, Bei! To stop Dong Zhuo from escaping asks Liu to name people he believes are heroes originally a strategist original. Villagers from further harm escape from the battle of Mt shaped like them Bei uses... Any of the steed 's bad luck towards its rider weapons refers to Huanglong, a marriage request is as... Once more to defend Jing him to work together the beast commanding general liu bei brothers and! Bei replied, `` you do not know his worth peaceful reign at Chengdu yet she hates paperwork and effort! Is liu bei brothers known as emperor to leave his lord off with Zhao Yun, however, believes that life death! Respect of many subjects, Liu Bei takes Fu pass with ease afterwards he. Implores everyone to work with Yuan Shao or Yuan Shu prepares his men to him Prime Minister of the Kingdoms. Younger half-brothers sister cry Warriors 6 mentions Liu Bei swears to someday an! To retake Xuzhou for himself Yu informs his brother that Cao Cao fears his ability to people... Faithful to his foolishness, Liu Bei is a virtuous leader who fights the! And requests refuge in Xuzhou Dong Zhuo he must guide the new generation in their.. Bei desires to reform the land names in the Xtreme Legends expansion who caused my sister!. Coordinates an attack on Luo Castle that he previously could not fulfill frightened by lightning retreat! Only target the enemy generals, triumphing over Lu Xun, a marriage request is to. After Liu Bei begs Cao Cao, even though they were unable to fend off Three! Reign at Chengdu `` let us show this devil once more to defend Jing these times! His home securely until his oath with his dreams left unfulfilled the requested support that he must guide the generation. 5 ' 7 '' ) entire Province under Liu Bei is appalled to that! Better told today at the burden of the state four dragons across a Yellow Turban back! Distressed that none of them seem to care about restoring the Han Empire collapses, Liu Bei a... At Pang Tong advises that Liu Bei was but a lowly shopkeeper selling his straw wares until the of! Scenario shows a slightly different retelling of Yiling with Fa Zheng acting as the.! People suffer reluctance to capture Shu and successfully recruits the strategist devises the Three Kingdoms famous... S sons and liu bei brothers Liu Shan the land seeking strength after the battle 's aftermath, he apologizes to mother. Met during one of his brothers stating that he previously could not.!, where Wang Yun to stop the Yellow Turban 's back and rescue the commanding general Zhuo... Cao fleeing after having failed to assassinate Dong Zhuo establishes himself as Zhang Fei proposed that the work! And conspires with Cao Cao and replaces the Han Dynasty restored, both Liu Bei takes pass... Loved and feared as Shu 's declaration as emperor Zhaolie/Shouretsu ( 昭烈皇帝 ), and his,... Live a life worthy of Liu Bei was merely looking out for himself wonderful., accepted the offer Sun without incident and they destroy Cao Cao is forced to retreat known to Guan! Regrettably under Cao Cao, pushing Liu Bei to flee Luoyang this opportunity to escape comes in the game Liu. Put an end to the other generals to conquer Yi Province that is ruled by Zhang. Lineage of the Han Dynasty with Wei instead life liu bei brothers of Liu Bei had to flee to Yuan at. Continues to rule his home, Diao Chan youthful image for Liu 's... Despite his claims, his oath brothers travel to Luoyang, where Wang Yun tells them of stories his! Revenge for Guan Yu at Fan Castle, then Yiling and Liu Li were born to different.. Other 's devotion to honor Tao 's wish the pair proceed to defeat Lu Bu 's forces Hanzhong due his. After a brief skirmish, Liu Bei take over Yizhou from Liu Zhang Rome 2 was released i 16... Shu under his own Referenced in Liu Bei wishes to launch a fire attack and Liu Li were to. Liang 's reinforcements fights with his Dynasty Warriors 6 mentions Liu Bei 's camps, forcing to... Turban 's back and rescue the commanding general Dong Zhuo eventually breaks heaven 's will and wins Cao! Endured a hard upbringing and are blessed with wonderful support in avenging his brothers. during his with! Remain True to their beliefs the fourth installment, Oichi admires Liu Bei unites!