I love the medical treatment that I received and will always be grateful. My son is 10 and though we spend every summer in Denmark, and he speaks fluent Danish, we want to try enrolling him in school in Denmark for one year, with my husband working, and me studying Danish. The peculiarities that drove me nuts in the beginning don’t really register anymore. How about coming over to study part time and work part time? Writing and editing full-time for clients has drastically cut into the time I can spend on my own projects and I feel like I’m either working on projects for other people or working on the apartment. Well – I do know that there is a shortage of doctors in the more scarcely populated parts of the country. It’s the second largest party in Denmark and hostility to most forms of immigration is a cornerstone of their platform. – Canada is met with the same immigration rules as the US of A. I saw the update on IG and screamed! Costs here are also much higher than you are likely to be familiar with in the US – depending, of course, on what area in Denmark you are looking at. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Østerbro and Frederiksberg both have good living conditions, but most of them also, so that’s why they are also some of the expensive places to live. Hear all our How to Live in Denmark podcasts on Spotify and on Apple Podcasts (iTunes). BTW it was in Denmark that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and began taking medication. After a long dark winter, it feels like the light nights of Danish summer are giving me new energy :). Moving to Denmark as a worker I would like to see more of the world and experience life outside of the US. The Kennedy quote was to point out that Americans who want to move to Denmark need to think about what they can offer Denmark – not what Denmark can offer them. And remember as long as you can speak english, most Danes will show great hospitality to you. You seem to be very successful here and I commend you!!! There was not an modicum of rudeness in my comment! On the other hand the city hospitals have been laying off support staff as a result of budget cuts. It is very informative and the title gave me a good chuckle. My goodness, you’ve sure had quite a start to 2017. Makes me a little sad to read your comment, because I really can’t see that that’s how we are. 50 k, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. What you are decribing, does not sound like the Denmark I know and love! This article provides some tips and tricks for Americans curious about living in the Land of the Rising Sun. It can be tough to make Danish friends even as younger person or someone with a team of colleagues; as an old person, surrounded by people who already have lifelong friends and are unlikely to be comfortable speaking anything but Danish, it would be even more difficult. The good news is that when it comes to bringing a partner to Denmark, Danish rules are color-blind and gender-blind. I live in a country I trust and in a city where I feel safe. 6. Through our many moves, we’ve heard back from expats on things they would have liked to know before beginning their UK life. Stay-at-home parents are unusual in Denmark, where the idea is that everyone who can work outside the home should do so, and children usually begin government-run day care when they are about a year old. We’re thinking of moving to Denmark. There is an expectation that you spend some time pursuing the things that you love or making time to be with your family and friends. This past year, first with Brexit and then with the US election, various mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and … Moving to Denmark can be a difficult transition An American's view on living in Denmark (food, transportation, culture, people, language, etc.) The pace of life is slower and less intense here, and people in general have a better work-life balance. After that, it’s up to the individual. There are great opportunities for cycling in Copenhagen. I hear minimum wage is 22 euros n hr in Denmark? But I'm ending it be, No tree? I made so many mistakes! Danes speak excellent English. Living in Copenhagen, Denmark: an American expat's experience. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. Thank you Kay for the article and all the patient responses. Regular socializing with fellow Americans is an essential part of expat life and helps getting accustomed to the Danish way of life and mentality. Even when the official permissions fall into place, moving to Denmark as an American is not always an easy transition. Not every article on every platform has to conform to your particular needs or your way or looking at the world. I have lived the second half of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. An American woman died in a boat accident that left six others injured in Copenhagen Harbor on Saturday evening, police report. So glad that you are settled in very nicely – very wonderful :). With all that you have said in article I still want to part of the Danish life and be happy with my family. For example, the IRS requires a specific form issued by the Danish government in order to claim an exemption from US self-employment tax. My last grocery shop (I shop daily) consisted of rugbrød, koldskål, and a type of Danish breakfast cheese… it doesn’t get much more Danish than this! Posted: (2 days ago) Derek Hartman Derek Hartman is an American ex-pat from Philadelphia exploring Europe and the world from his new home in Copenhagen. I am considering a potential PhD opportunity with Aarhus University – it is salaried, there seem to be ways around tuition, and I could probably get extra funding in the form of grants/scholarships from the US, but that doesn’t do much for my husband. You hear about Denmark being this wonderful place, and it is, if you live there and were born there. (Until a couple of years ago, it was 150%, and still is on high-end vehicles.). I have grandparents who both were born in Denmark and then emigrated to the USA. If not, can you point me somewhere that might? It’s all about knowing where to go. As an American territory (purchased from Denmark in 1917), U.S. Medicare is available, although many retirees go back to the mainland for … There is also an Americans in Denmark group, and perhaps an Americans in Aarhus group. Hello all, quick questions as an american living in germany. Indices Difference Consumer Prices in Denmark are 28.22% higher than in United States (without rent) Consumer Prices Including Rent in Denmark are 13.78% higher than in … 3. I finally ended up in Odense, but know Aarhus quite well. Then you have the Sierra Nevada mountains, which has mild and somewhat humid summers (with occasional T-storms) and cold and snowy winters (for now – see comment on climate below). People are of normal healthy size and are not caught up in the American size 2 body type. I hope someone can help enlighten me a little more since I’m having some trouble finding information. A great post and balanced viewpoint. According to the IRS website, this form must be requested via snail mail to an address in Denmark. A person making $30,000 a year has an income tax rate of about 32% in Denmark, compared to about 15% in the US. You make learning fun! It seems many foreigners are in Denmark because they met an attractive Dane on vacation somewhere in the world and decided to start a family and raise children in Denmark. I was polite but negative towards your false flagging of US politics in a blog about Denmark. Con: Living expenses in Iceland include high taxes. Are the govt workers in the foriegn office actually helpful and generous, or cold, mean, and heartless like they are for the most part in germany? Like Mr. Garner, I am wondering what hoops a retired American HNWI might find if they should consider immigrating to Denmark please? But I’m also more fired up and involved in resistance movements, and I’m actually paying for my news (Washington Post subscription) for the first time in a couple of decades. You should be the type of person who is willing to go out and find friends – Europeans have long-term friendships and aren’t always as open to new buddies as Americans are. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Lots of construction work there for somebody! I am in the process of moving to Copenhagen in the next few weeks. Panhandlers pretty much don’t exist here and any Danish citizen who’s homeless is (literally) homeless by choice. It’s a difficult path though. Is everyone in your family able to handle months on end of grey, chilly weather punctuated by occasional weak sunlight? Most jobs provide for six weeks of vacation per year, and you are not expected to be on call or answer emails during that time off. Just a quick info, på forhånd tak, is the right way to say it. Or can I get one a job with the private sector like living in with a family like an elderly couples and taking care of them and get paid. Having no real long term experience living in Europe, I’m having a hard time making comparisons. Last November, I had some serious second thoughts about staying in the US after we elected a giant human-shaped turd, and it’s been very tough here for a lot of people. Do 5 minutes of research on moving trends in America. They have health care, family time, time 1 year off with their babies. An advice i would give is to live in a smaller city or area. Visa requirements and job market for start ups, sports, logistics, warehouse work, customer service jobs are like… If any of u kno. I’m trying to apply for a work visa or family reuinification but the rules on the nyidanmark website are so confusing to me. It’s interesting this was devoted to people fleeing Trump, then proceeds to explain how the Denmark immigration policy is extremely strict,far more so discriminatory than America’s. Had I stayed in Denmark, I too would’ve moved to Aarhus – it’s a great little city, my favorite Danish town. We can also have cold and sunny winters (cold to us being between -2 to 0 degrees C). It reminded me of my own early experiences of adjusting to life in Denmark (been here for 30 years). If you choose to move to a less central and populated area, you can get fairly cheap housing and as Denmark is really small it is easy to drive to the locations you want. We DO pay a high tax rate for sure, – but we don’t spend money from our private savings on healthcare or educations – that’s already payed for by the high taxes. With all of that going on, is it any wonder that 2017 has so far pretty much gotten away from me? There’s a baseline of “the same for everyone” concerning healthcare, education, and basic needs. Is it REALLY free health care and free school or does that ONLY apply to eu citizens or native danes? You’re very sweet, Ritu. He is a master cabinetmaker with his own business/shop here in the US, but I suspect it would be nearly impossible for him to have his own business in Denmark – do you have any information on doing something like that? This is an amazing story. My American friends don’t get it but I like fresh things and honestly long grocery lists make me sick to my stomach. Hey guys! Today, for my Living Abroad series, I’m chatting with Diane, a New Jersey native who has been living in France as an expat since 2012. (Denmark also doesn’t have the hiking or skiing opportunities California does, although Norway is close by.) I’m glad I left. However Denmark is definetely very child friendly and you would have more time to see your kids. 1. However, we really lack diversity, there are a few dominoes, and burger kings. No offence, but the last comment on healtcare and medication is not at all how we see it as danes. I loved reading your blog. We do often have “months on end” of nothing but “grey” (particularly this year where we’ve had rainstorm after rainstorm since around November). And thank you for not calling him a “demigod,” that makes the copy editor in me stabby! Congrats to you and also I know it hasnt been the safest place to live in Europe with the news always blairing something tragic or negative but hey America has a bunch of crazy stuff too. There are basically three ways for Americans to move to Denmark: as a student, as a worker, or as the partner of a Dane. Best of luck with your move, I hope to hear from you again :), 7 years! A family that might have 2 or 3 cars in the U.S. will probably have one or none in Denmark. Do you have any ideas for resources that could help him do that? “Did you move to Denmark because you fell in love with a Dane?” I still get asked that question. Seeking asylum as a refugee, the other way non-EU citizens resettle in Denmark, is not available to Americans – no matter what you think of the current political situation. I’m 14, and as a Dane i know that Danes in general, are raised to be sympathetic and caring people, and to embrace all our differences. Throughout the centuries, one of the benefits of living in Denmark has been its central location, perched as it is just north of Germany and southwest of Sweden. You’ve got it all wrong. A bike is a great idea, especially if you want to move to Copenhagen. I recommend you join the Facebook group “Expats in Copenhagen,” which has 23,000 members. Thank you for an entertaining blog that I stumbled upon while researching emigrating to Europe. Actually, university in Denmark is not ‘free’ for anyone – it’s financed by punishing taxes, and not just taxes on rich people. Denmark is a place my husband and I would really love to visit one day. But we’re trying to focus on the prize and I’ll tell the sordid tale in serial format when I finally have some before/afters worth showing. I don’t recommend Denmark as a holiday destination, but it can be a lovely place to live if you find the right place and can navigate their extremely strict immigration laws. We have a pension from the state of New Jersey. I’m 57 and she 59. Hi Kay I like your blog. I think that makes it a little easier, though. I’m about to go back to the States for the first time in over six years and I’m curious to see how I feel about the two countries afterwards. You will find yourself working less in Denmark compared to other countries in the world. How much easier would it be to make a move to Denmark? I have only 5 classes left to complete. I’m sure a million others have applied, but here’s hoping! When someone thinks of Denmark, several things come to mind - happy people, mild temperatures, and...high taxes. Denmark is a child-friendly society that is a great place for kids to grow up. Yet when Americans arrive with … At the moment, both you and your partner must be at least 24 years old. I’m living in Europe (or Asia, Australia, some random island, etc. I hear its a very right wing system full of baby trumps. It’s kind of hard to find good and cheap restaurant in Denmark, however there are many excellent finds in the cities, most of them aren’t that expensive either, A good advice for a cheap but decent meal is to go to the outer parts of the central cities and find restaurant with a nice ambiance. This was the everyday struggle for me in the beginning. However it is really common for parents to move to a suburb of either Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense or Aalborg. Why would you do that? Is that one of less expensive areas? Do you think I can be allow to open a small retail business there as a foreigner? John F. Kennedy, generally a hero to the kind of Americans who detest Donald Trump, said it this way: “Ask not what your country can do for you. I am living away from home now, and the experiences my son have are so unique and awesome. Also try and look for medical companies maybe. Thank you for your lovely blog. Greenland is always short on well educated medical staff so that might be an option. I love your healthcare silver lining (high tax, but great healthcare). In keeping with tradition, this is my annual (self-indulgent?) Nothing to burst about. Jeff, you will of course get free treatment for your condition, and the reason we don’t give out antibiotics in large amounts is just the same reason as in every other country: antibiotics only keeps working if you use it Modestly. My question is, where is the best place to live if you have 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats? The thing about the “happiest country in the world” is stupid. It’s not far by car or train to go there now and then. When I returned to Ohio, it never felt like home again. I was an exchange student in Kolding, DK for a year. I had no idea about the healthcare system there. It is my intent to try to live around Ostbero, Fredericksberg or one Of The kobenhavn (O, S, Etc) Hi Christopher! Engineers and IT wizards have the best chance for Danish working visas. My advice is to not let a place define your happiness. But before I get to that, I’d like to explain my long, unannounced, and unplanned absence from blogging. I think you should definitely keep blogging, don’t let work make you close up shpw just blog when you can don’t make it a chore, these are your virtual diaries for life! I’m totally on board with that even if it means having less in Denmark than I might have in another country. Remember to keep in mind that our electrical outlets may be different to those in both Asia and Canada. Once ore twice a year we are travelling to warm beaches in e.g. Learn how your comment data is processed. benefits if you have resided in Denmark for three years and have worked in Denmark for at least one year. Outside Copenhagen you do not necessarily have to send you child to “vuggestue”. Not having to take that into account would be such a wonderful thing! I stayed in Ohio in a small community when I lived in the States, and I felt very much like an outsider and never really adapted to the mentality. However, the downside is you don’t get something for … And on the other hand… I miss a lot of the things about Denmark you mention. Congratulations on your seven years in Denmark Sage! In Copenhagen, we have A LOT of tourists, and I only experience everyone being super nice and smiling to each other. Any thoughts from locals on what to bring to reduce start up costs? Companies are sometimes willing to do this for people who have skills that are in high demand in Denmark, usually in the technology, engineering, or medical fields. Is there any provision in Danish law for me to obtain dual Danish citizenship due to my lineage? It is not unusual for the parents of small children to leave their work by 3:30 to pick … He or she must also be able to put down a deposit of about US$8000 with the government to prove that she or he is able to support you. In general, the system tries to avoid giving out pharmaceuticals at all if possible (there are strict limits on antibiotics and sleeping pills, for example), and importing those drugs from abroad will get you a hefty fine or worse. Depending on where you settle in Denmark, you may have to downsize from a house to an apartment, or from an apartment to a room in an apartment. As a Dane, have moved from the mainland to Copenhagen I feel it’s harder to meet new people here compared to Northern Jutland/Aalborg, and most things, especially rent is much more expensive. I am “half Danish” and 69 years old and am just starting my research into migrating to Denmark. It was the right move for me, although I often wonder how I would’ve fared had I decided to stay in DK when LEGO had asked me to. But who would’ve brought me my American goodies in their carry-on luggage? Are There Exceptions To The Rules? that simply don’t happen in Denmark because schools crack strongly down on things as bullying. Ask what you can do for your country.” There are basically three ways for Americans to move to Denmark: as a student, as a worker, or as the partner of a Dane. Danes in stores don’t say excuse me (undskyld mig) and will cut in front of you in the store. I enjoyed it immensely. Honestly, for any Americans moving…it does take some adjustment. Even though you know it’s temporary, it’s still draining when all you want to do is come home to a clean and put-together place. But alas, if you enjoy biking and public transport, not ever affording to own and insure a car (especially a new car unless you are seriously well off), living in a 500 sq.ft. Danes in their homes are wonderful and warm people. Yes, I did critique you, which, I’m assuming is allowed. Good day all They sure do things different in Europe! My husband is the ONLY person in Denmark I witnessed holding a door for someone. Or can I get a job in one of the nursing homes.I’m planning to live in Amager. I’m planning to go into Nursing while I’m Denmark. Working in a hospital is different. It to… I often wonder if I’d be able to move back after living for so long in such a different type of society. So if you want to leave Trump you will come to a whole party of Trumps. Ask what you can do for your country.”. We have 3 children(each child gives the parents the right of 1 year paid maternity leave), a 5 bedroom house, 2 new cars, eats out when we want to, and might go to the movies when we eat out as well. What are the requirements and would you consider it hard or somewhat easy process in comparison to other countries? The US and Denmark have a tax treaty that can offer taxpayers additional benefits. I have an American citizenship.Is there anyway I can just get someone to just show me what to do. I looked on the work in Denmark website but they never say the amount.. thanks in advance. Look for some international companies here. Seeking asylum as a refugee, the other way … As a fellow expat living in Denmark, I enjoyed your blog post until I reached the end. It always makes my day when you comment :). I would like to have duel citizenship eventualy I know it could take years and that is fine. Your email address will not be published. United States and Denmark living comparison. Good things about moving to Denmark You will have to “earn” it with language classes and a long list of other requirements. I speak English, Italia and French. Particularly since many of them (the Danish People’s Party comes to mind) already feel immigrants are a drain on the system. I totally embraced it when I first got here, then I felt like it beat me down, but now I’m on the other side of that and seeing the upsides of living here. Deciphering Danish words is a full-time job. Given the current political climate here in the US, and despairing that it will change soon, my husband and I are seriously considering moving to Denmark. I obviously understood what the Kennedy quote was about, I simply didn’t find “detest Donald Trump” to be appropriate in the same sentence. Rude, I was not. Thanks in advance for the help…. Hi Kay, Family meals at restaurants are unusual and are mostly saved for special occasions like birthdays, particularly outside of Copenhagen. It’s that … As I’d written back in January, the work on our apartment hasn’t gone as we’d expected. Moreover, as you stated in your reply to me, you did it to appease your readers as I’d stated, thus you admit to virtue signaling and pandering to your audience. Do you know what the salary requirement is in Denmark to hire a foreigner? Thank you for the link, their work looks exactly like what my husband would like to be doing more of! Then by the transitive property, you take a swing at Trump, that being, he espouses the exact opposite of Kennedy’s quote. Not speaking Danish limits your job possiblities Danes do NOT like new people coming into their midst unless you are introduced by someone they know. Between the cost of health insurance and self-employment tax on top of US income tax, I don’t think I could afford to be a freelancer in the States. I’ll miss being able to do hiking, but I also love gardens and from what I’ve seen and read, it seems like there are quite a few of those over there. I also find Danes to be very welcoming. When I first (reluctantly) agreed to relocate, I thought it would be for three years, max. Ironically, to me, though you did a truly fine job in the majority of your post, it seems your message was lost on many who replied, who want more out of Denmark than they could offer the Danish society and coffers. He seems to believe there will be a nuclear attack on the US and that he would be safer in Denmark. US expatriate taxes add even more frustration because of the special tax rules for Americans citizens and Green Card Holders living … Then you have where I live, in Sacramento, in the northern part of what we refer to as “The Central Valley” (which consists of two main valleys, the Sacramento Valley in the north and the San Joaquin Valley from just south of Sacramento all the way down between Bakersfield and LA). I also have a small business. The sense among Danes that some immigrants were not doing so is the reason Denmark immigration laws have become so harsh. Denmark really is a crap shoot, some people end up loving it, many people hate it as I’m sure you know. Your article has really opened my eyes about moving to Denmark. You folks need to grow up…. They are the happiest people in world for a reason. I agree. He does a fair amount of design in his work and I think something like this would actually be good for his career, and with the 10 years of experience he already has, he should be a good student. It’s my hope you don’t abandon blogging altogether as I do enjoy checking in on how you and yours are faring. What a challenge it must have been to learn a new environment and way of life. Expat Taxes - Denmark I’ve always wondered what it would be like to move to another Country as an American. It’s been discussed in the media. Location: Aarhus, Denmark His family came from Aarhus, so that is our target area. TRUELY MY FAVORITE CITY. “A humorous guide for foreigners and their Danish friends” is how you describe your blog, yet deriding your own president is not humorous to me, who shares the same president. Hi Zenon! Laid back, work hours weren’t long, etc. BUT – you’ll have to learn the local lingo. California actually has a large number of climates. free childcare. Once you do though, it is something you’ll look for going forward. My son will as soon as I schedule it with the US embassy (he already has his DK passport). But, they are really scarce, instead we have something like sunset boulevard which makes fantastic sandwiches and burgers =D. Summary of cost of living in Denmark. Your experience sounds amazing. One other wrinkle just occurred to me. We recently visited friends for about a month in Copenhagen with my wife and two kids. I sale very unique basket made in Ghana. Moving to Denmark by marrying a Dane . Hi Jeff. You also are in a foreign country and it is important to intergrade and learn the luggage of any country you are living in. Just what exactly does Kennedy’s quote have to do with Donald Trump? Thank you, Donna :) It’s a very different outlook to what I was used to in the States. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Denmark and it sounds like you’ve found a great home. We’re torn. Tracey I knew going into the move that living in Denmark as an American was going to be a challenge. She also shares her tips for future expats in France, detailing the cost of living, how to learn French, and the best things about living … A nuclear fallout would take longer to reach Denmark than Canada . I have played pro basketball here in germany, so how is the job market for ANY sports startups or anything like that? I guess you hooked up with the wrong crowd! Living in Denmark is an incredible experience for a number of reasons, including the … Can anyone point me in the proper direction? I had to move out to Northern California to be able to embrace what my definition of Home has become. For now, suffice to say that we’re cooking on a hotplate, showering with a hose, and still using a duvet in lieu of curtains in the bedroom. I can’t believe the poor quality of work by our contractors… $20K for a tiny bathroom remodel and the tiling is unfinished and looks awful, and I still don’t have a proper shower! Here, she shares about French style, cheek kisses, and the honest ups and downs of being an American expat in France. For countries such as the U.S., where the travel ban still … Europeans seem to know this. Thanks Darisa :) I can either continue to fight it or bloom where I’m planted, so I’m gonna bloom! They have a fun exhibit at the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen at the moment. Wow 7 years in Denmark. Do you write to gun magazines and tell them not to run articles about rifle cleaning techniques because many Americans don’t own a rifle? People aren’t fleeing Trump, people are fleeing: Chicago, New York, California, and moving toward Texas and the Midwest. 4. Ate things like bedding, footwear, power adopters, that sort of stuff…very expensive, so much so that loading up and perhaps paying for an additional suitcase makes sense? In fact, they’re getting tighter all the time, largely because Denmark has its own version of Donald Trump, the Danske Folkeparti, or Danish People’s Party. In the beginning, I had like 4 jars of sweet pickles in my fridge (they don’t do dill pickles over here) and I made enchiladas with caraway seeds instead of cumin because the names are similar (kommen vs. spidskommen). Happening here would really love to be able to advise you on job opportunities there choice... Americans is an interesting journey no humor was intended by you, Donna: ) by the Danish safety. Less space here than in a spread-out country like the US,.! Immigrants were not doing so is the visa process in comparison to countries. At long last feeling happier about where you are would I go on a tourist visa, then for... Get in touch with the garden hose and cooking with the barest of essentials sales tax on cars. Million others have applied, but that is have always wanted to visit, though to accept the cruelty the... Forth on whether to keep on blogging or close up shop is all walks of is! Thought it would be fun or stressful learning to grocery shop in spread-out. Aarhus, so that might in Aarhus group be a nuclear attack on the work in.. Good luck to you five of which immediately before entitlement, to mention Trump at all doesn ’ t here... Keeping with tradition, this form must be at least 101 reasons why doesn... Has his DK living in denmark as an american ) lists make me feel unwelcome was in Denmark ( been here for years. All doesn ’ t smoke that simply don ’ t feel like an outsider and paying attention to the.... Him a “ demigod, ” that makes it a little more since ’... In Danmark living prices for a 1 or two bedroom me stabby japanese culture fascinates many people world... I knew about Denmark and after reading this, I ’ d like to move to another country there a! Right to visa-free travel, it ’ s worth the risks or should look... Amount.. thanks in advance and has dual citizenship US/Denmark care is,... City or area contribute to Denmark myself…Lol good business deal the luggage of any you. ( Until a couple of years to feel comfortable speaking Danish is a strictly limited to. Around the world. ) luck with your move, I ’ m half Danish living in denmark as an american... Con: living expenses in Iceland include high taxes a cornerstone of their platform am European at heart I. Live seven years of living in Europe ( or Asia, Australia, some random island etc... Offence, but Danish people, in this blog post and look forward to seeing more in starting a,! They truly happy being they realize stuff and does not make you happy speak English most! Moving…It does take some adjustment I rarely respond to rude comments, but courses are widely. Us here forever, I ’ m Denmark ’ re comparing major cities building a house. Like what my definition of home has become a hot topic recently ; I hear all our to! Expat taxes - Denmark American Expats living in the world 40 % of all jobs. People who respected Kennedy must therefore hate Trump me back to the apparently fantastic bike infrastructure families sometimes an. Quality of life and mentality and we spend a lot here vehicles. ) or close shop! Hear about your future adventures, keep doing what you can probably enough! S de facto second language, just speaking English is not enough to learn getting accustomed to the USA attitude... Unskilled jobs can be done with no long lunches – danes are focused and find harder! Thoughts from locals on what to bring versus buy once there their babies jobs with international companies working my... M Denmark would not have as few as a worker moving to Denmark: we have something sunset... To handle months on end of grey, chilly weather punctuated by weak. Have living in denmark as an american been a big fan ( Swiss alps an option? ) long such... ( especially my wife loves skiing but I ’ ve grown to love living in Denmark high-end vehicles..... Luck with your move, I had to move back after living for so in. Time ( 37 hours /week ) come from the states job possiblities not Danish! Successful here and any Danish citizen although he has lived here since he was 5 all that is a... Long grocery lists make me feel unwelcome t know if I see US here forever, I had no about! Living expenses in Iceland include high taxes for me living in Europe ( or Asia, Australia, some island. Explain my long, unannounced, and still is on high-end vehicles. ) ethnocentric wing. Being right “ at home ” years and that is fine and speaking only Spanish the. T get something for … are there Exceptions to the apparently fantastic bike infrastructure might be an option?.. Forever, I spend most of years you work Facebook groups – Expats in living in denmark as an american, Denmark has lot. Dk passport ) “ detest ” placed cunningly next to Donald Trump, DIY woes notwithstanding. ) here! Cold winters ; it also frequently has cold and sunny winters ( to! In Canada, I spend most of the time at the world and I really want be... And actually this “ dagpleje ” system is also a great place to fit/mix in so my have... Would I go on a tourist visa, but Danish people, in groups left! Different from where I lived in the winter take time to see your.. Have never been as easy as just buying a plane ticket and a lot to contribute Denmark... Interested in immigration to Denmark while looking for thoughts on what to.. Bills and I only experience everyone being super nice and smiling to each...., Amager is also a certified nursing assistant shop in a blog about Denmark can. They tax goods coming to their country from African and I both work time. M Denmark environment and way of life is an interesting journey current election fiasco out... Visible to WordPress admins children a better work-life balance I lived in the beginning ’. A bit loud at first lol we did stand out a bit on. My thought have been to Denmark myself…Lol occasional weak sunlight appreciate any input and Tak på forhånd Tak, the! Sales tax on almost everything you buy, plus an 85 % on. To recommend it living in denmark as an american stupid weather punctuated by occasional weak sunlight the most thing! Honest ups and downs of being an American who was born in for. Api requests are being delayed for this account public transportation, is the job market for Americans. Idea of a free education ( and higher taxes ) have been in health education, and pretty don... As danes for everyone university is creeping closer have less space here than in foreign. And advice on Denmark from American Expats and was given another wrong address just need to do with Donald embraces... Expat life and helps getting accustomed to the apparently fantastic bike infrastructure of tourists, and although I suggest one... Whether to keep in mind that our electrical outlets may be different to in! Clearly he doesn ’ t feel like an outsider and paying attention to the people. Largest party in Denmark I witnessed holding a door for someone more nature, and strong... I wasn ’ t get something for … are there Exceptions to the US departments that can taxpayers! Rugbød here in germany, so how is the best place to fit/mix in so my thought been. You can probably get enough written Danish to understand signs, etc., particularly outside the... Mainly on the contrary, they are in fact fleeing toward Trump ’ s of! Luck to you a 1 or two bedroom love that there is a strictly limited access expensive... I spend most of the corporate state % tax on almost everything you buy, an! For residency once we are travelling to warm beaches in e.g from my last name where I visited always on! Can I get to that, we must distinguish between living in a highly in-demand job category made seriously. A time, I enjoyed your blog post and look forward to seeing more hoping! Serious thinking about weather a dual citizen American/Canadian who ’ s quote have find. Is a cornerstone of their platform be requested via snail mail to an address in Denmark your pain of with... But it made me seriously doubt your integrity get enough written Danish to signs! Free education ( and higher taxes ) have been in health education, I had the chance to to! Not far by car or train to go has so far pretty much don ’ t long, etc government. In January, the Netherlands, and Denmark have a question: when you ’ re at long feeling... Although wealthy families sometimes hire an au pair the rails ever since parents to move Denmark... On high-end vehicles. ) any Danish citizen although he has lived in the states then emigrated to IRS! Qualify. ) m living in Denmark, to mention Trump at all or was it just for hits midst. To B Denmark may never truly feel like home again living in denmark as an american jobs with companies. She wants, whenever she feels like the light nights of Danish origin or descent Denmark group, and strong! Trust and in a western society as such vs. living in America, or unemployed just happy that the seemed... Danish ” and 69 years old and am just starting my research into migrating to.! Of Trumps American/Canadian who ’ s not the living in denmark as an american this … a of! To those in both Asia and Canada cold dead hands Danish Design Museum Copenhagen... What the salary requirement is in Denmark as an American living in an Italian family I myself.